Individualized Nutrition and Supplementation Programming

Shred body fat

Build Muscle



Who this is for?

Crossfit and high performance athletes: no matter what level of training you are at, our programming will help propel you to the next level!

Why it’s valuable?

Learn how to utilize two fuel sources to destroy your goals.

Lose unnecessary body fat and build lean muscle to become a more efficient athlete.

Break through your plateaus: whether they are in the gym or outside of it, nutrition is the largest contributor to your athletic performance, health, and overall fitness.

We all need accountability: Our private programming network allows for no distractions when it comes to focusing on nutrition, supplementation, and athletic performance.

What you get:

KetoFit : an exogenous ketone supplement to fuel you to reach all your health goals

3 Month Access to our #TruthAthlete Private Programming Network

Networking with like minded crossfitters from around the world
Extra WOD programming brought to you by THE GRINDS

Individualized nutritional and supplementation programming

Caloric intake calculations
Customized nutrition plans tailored to your schedule
Supplementation guidance

The opportunity to be a sponsored #TruthAthleteuidance